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Wiring Acoustic Guitar in Stereo

Overview: Wiring acoustic guitar in stereo offers a bigger sound. There are a number of ways to wire acoustic guitar in stereo.

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the stereo pickup system in my acoustic guitar is made up of two players,

  • the mic and,
  • the magnet.

the system was preassembled by fishman,
the Rare Earth™ Blend Pickup, but there are several acoustic guitar stereo combinations, combinations of signals to use, mic / magnet, piezo / magnet, lens / magnet, etc. They're all explained with the links on fromthis page and they can all be easily be wired into a 'combo' stereo setup.

the pickups are soldered to a stereo jack, stereo wiring details detailed by fishman

  • this is ideal as it allows you to treat each signal seperately.
  • this requires a stereo jack and a stereo cable.
    • you'll probably have to make a custom spitter cabel (a Y cable:
    • male stereo >> two male mono

both channels leave my guitar
the channels are split with the Y splitter
microphone channel goes into a pedal eq on the floor
and the other end of the Y cable gets a female-female connector which connects to
a plain old cable run into the board, or wherever.

i send the mic channel through an eq to avert probable feedback issues. and send the magnetic pickup though, ideally, some sort of warming effect like reverb.

the typical treatment of each signal is

  • cut the highs out of the magetic pickup (professionals prefer the Sunrise S-1)
  • boost the lows on the magnet
  • use the piezo or microphone or lens for the high-end
  • cut the lows out of the piezo or microphone

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Resolve: That's how you wire your acoustic guitar in stereo.

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