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Acoustic Guitar Tips
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Barcelona is cheap travel rich with tourists,

Barcelona's got the hip architecture of Gaudi, a crazy son of a bitch who the people of barcelona left for several days to die alone on the side of a Barcelona road after he'd been struck by a Barcelona street car; a Dali museum; and amazing jugglers, guitarists, etc.

Note: everyone in spain plays guitar better than you do.

Things work a little different in Barcelona, Spain. The people looking to make money don't go out on the street cause you don't make any money on the sidewalk. They instead play at the terraces in Placa Reyal and the area surrounding Las Rambles and, of course, on Las Rambles itself.

Like a bunch of European cities the people sit around drinking cafe at the cafes and people like us go stand there and play music for them. A typical set is 4 songs, more if there isn't anyone waiting for the pitch. You stand there and do whatever you do for your four songs and then you go around smiling at the people and ask em for money.

It's a bit unclassy to hold out your hand when your getting the money, use a hat or a little coin bag and nod your head and thank them as they give you money. Sometimes only one person at each table will give you money but, if you`re really good then maybe other people at the table will give you money. If you have a table of drunk Scottish men who you've sung sing along songs for try to hustle a few coins out of each of them. They enjoy the battle and if you dont struggle with these fuckers, they'll turn against you and you'll get nothing.

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