Busking: Hunh?

Busking encompasses a range of activities:
  • Have you seen the Albanian guy busking in the street, swallowing swords?
  • Key west Mary has this midget she's been seeing. She found him busking on her street during the festival,
  • Table top joe plays piano and goes busking on Duval Street,
  • John the brow-beaten poet selling his shitty poems on the street, is he busking?

A woman busking, singing and playing fingerstlye acoustic guitar makes 3 ½ times more than a man busking, and unlucky busker, with the same songs and the same fingerstlye acoustic guitar.

Where do you go busking?

Where it's quite and people are handing out money.

You can keep your eye out or ask the local musicians you see hurrying around a new town, "where do people busk here?" We can rely on human history - there are certain places better suited - I play fingerstyle acoustic guitar and find slip streets which adjoin with the market street to be busking friendly.

How to busk and Make Money:

The name of the game is entertainment and what you may lack in world-class ability make up for with world class novelty. The odder - the more attention grabbing, the more entertaining

Yeah, the more money

Dress up and go Busking with you Guitar

There's a maniac named Bob Log who goes around playing psychotic electric chicken-shit music and wearing a fighter helmet and singing into a phone (mounted into the face of the fighter helmet.) Bob's a big league busker. Don't busk anywhere near him.

Engage people/don't engage people would you like to hear a song?

They usually won't 'like to hear a song' but will throw you a coin for your admitting they're alive. Madison Wisconsin
Even the way he asked was novel

Good material-good material

Look presentable, don't sit on the ground and don't show your busking water in public. Find yourself something to sit on other than the sidewalk, people piss on the sidewalk. There are two options: option 1, go into a bar and ask for a beer crate. Option 2, go into a convenience store and steal a crate. The third option is to buy a fold up chair. The third option is to sit on a low window sill. The third option is to stand.

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