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Busking Tips: how much do you make?

How much do you make Busking in the streets in Europe vs. America?

Depends how good your act is.

If you´re thinking about money you mightn't make much

Stony, a keystone on the New Orleans Scene is addicted to crack cocaine. He hustles more than any busker i've ever seen.

The more you hustle the more you make. The crazier you are and the more pop tunes you play the more money. Ok, so how much...When i'm playing in New Orleans, not during mardi gras, i make between 30-60 dollars a night. That's for about three hours of lazy playing. Stony makes about the same amount in an hour cause he's bumping everyone up for money. Grandpa, the old man harmonica player who's been playing with Stony for years makes between $100-300 each day.

EaCH city is different and you'll find that different days of the week are good in particular towns. In Galway Ireland i make between 8 and 15 euro for a one and a half hour pitch during the day in Buttermilk Lane, a slip street off of shop street. On a weekend night i'll usually make between $40-80 depending how good i feel and how late i stay out (the cops shut down a lot of people at midnight in Galway. In New Orleans the shut you down at 8pm! and take away your instrument and throw you in jail if you don't stop playing after they've given you a warning!! Most of my friends have been thrown in the new orleans city jail for playing guitar in the street)

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