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Lund Sweden - Busking by the Train

The Overview: Jaha, så är man hemkommen - Just kidding - Lund is a quiet medieval town in the South of Sweden with the 2nd oldest university in Sweden. Full of beautiful Swedish college women with one or two places for busking.


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Take the train to Lund and you've found the city's top busking pitch. Downstairs from the main platform is a tunnel which connects the two Lund Sweden parts, university downtown with the other side of the tracks.

If you're under 25 you can fly anywhere in the Sweden for around 20 euros with SAS airlines. The Lund airport is shared with another city and is about 20 km outside of downtown Lund. There is a youth hostel inside an old rail-road car beside the train station. I.E you can go busking, make you cash, grab some food and go comfortably to sleep all within 100 meters.

Beside the University there is a pedestrian walking mall surrounding the city's main landmark, Domkyrkan, a 12th century church worth visiting, which could also serve the busker well. Lund also has many quite cafes with good writing desks and solid wood chairs. The University of Lund's campus has a theater and a music hall.

The Resolve: Busking in Lund Sweden has it's perks.

Busking Rating = ***