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Busking in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

The Overview: A college town in the Middle of Canada...

By Guest Columnist Andy Kolbeck

I've been busking for a while, and if you're ever in Saskatoon, the best place to busk is on Broadway Ave. It's got some funky stores lining the road, and quite a few bars, so at 2 in the morning, LOTS of drunk people spill out, and usually, so does their money, into YOUR hat!

Saskatoon is a university town, and people are generally very friendly to buskers. Not alot of musicians busk, but the city actually encourages busking! The cops just tend to smile, and keep going.

The more unusual the instrument the more money a guy usually makes. There are a few guys who play solely guitar, and the money isn't that great. Playing the pennywhistle, you can expect 30-40 bucks in a couple o'hours.

Anyway, hopefully this is usefull to someone, somewhere.

Busking Rating = ***

The Resolve: If you're crossing between Toronto and Vancouver, stop off in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and hang around until the bars close.


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