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Playing Acoustic Guitar and Busking

There are a bunch of people busking and playing acoustic guitar and most of them are playing in stale spots. Busking is entertainment, Present something fresh. A new way of playing, probably not, but a new pitch -- That'll catch their attention.

Where not to go busking

Ok well, look if you really need the cash then no place's off limits. But here are a few places I've found to be dangerous, unreceptive, and always unprofitable:

  • Funerals
  • Declared War Zones
  • Boston, Mass.
  • On the Road, i.e. hitchhiking on the side of a major highway .

this said I have had a lot of success with people who pick me up hitchhiking. After a long ride and through explanation of my impecunious state, playing a song or two for the person often elicits a tip. And they're big tippers, 10 or 20 bucks isn't uncommon.

More Places where not to go Busking

  • Elko, Nevada specifically Elko in late December and late, like 2am, at night. Cold there, no one dropping coins in Elko in these conditions,
  • Any place where there are too many crippled people begging for change,
  • In the company of Aggressive Drunk 37 year old men.
  • Where there's stiff competition, see notes below.

Where there's a pretty woman busking nearby and if she's any good at all you can forget it. Pack up your guitar and go sit by the river or watch overaggressive 13 year old boys play a violent video game.

(You can busk near to a person begging for coins-I think this is because there isn't much crossover in the audiences, the young girls and scared middle aged women give their money to the old beggar lady and don't give you shit and likewise, men'll give the money to the busker every time. Pregnant mom's or women with young children are the exception, they usually give a coin or two to the busker and the beggar

More Unexpected good Guitar Busking spots

  • Outside of Churches and after services: weddings, baptisms, Bah Mitzvahs, (after funerals is ok but sometimes frowned upon, depends on the crowd),
  • Outside the entrance to Supermarkets,
  • Saturday markets,
  • Flea Markets Just set up shop, they love it,
  • Cafés, inside or inside café's.
  • And, the fabled English Busker Christopher Chapman notes, "I am an english busker and two, in my experience of the best pitches to set up are Cinema(movie theater) queues (especially large cinemas) and taxi ranks from 11 at night till about 3am or even later. No one likes being in a queue for too long without entertainment. Thank


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