Advanced Hitchhiking


The Overview: The first rule of Long-Distance Hitchhiking: Good Rides Get You There Faster. Decreasing total wait-time and intelligent navigation

Selective Hitchhiking: Passing up Rides

Reasons to wait for another car and how to determine what is a 'good ride' and what isn't?

I've completed 700 hitchhiking rides in my life and have had problems twice.

The Resolve: Don't take rides with every car that stops. Only take the rides which can take you where you need to go: the far side of a big town, a golden-hitchhiking spot (rest stop, truck stop), a main junction, or your destination.

Hitchhiking Etiquette: '...Where am I going?'

The Overview: Lie about your final destination. No one needs to know.

The Resolve: If you have to make a get away, it's easiest done with misdirection.


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