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Crossing the Country


The Overview: A list of rides for a hitchhike trip across the country (USA) completed in October 1995.

The below trip was my first time crossing the whole country, Eastern Pennsylvania - Western Montana. I took every ride which stopped, over twenty in all. In later trips I learned the art of selective hitchhiking on long distance trips. Eventually I began averging a little over 5 rides per time across.

 telephone guy832283
 Minn couple4322322 truck stop
 Welfare guy35322 truck stop322 Mifflintown Pa
 generator guy 322 mifflintown, Pa322 Lewistown, Pa
 John (graduated PSU 1929)16322 Lewistown, Pa322 Pottersmill, Pa
 toy truck guy13322 Pottersmill, PaPSU
20-Oct-95 10:30amFrat Guy30PSUI-80 Exit 22 PA
 little car68I-80 Exit 22 PAI-80 Exit 13 PA
 clarion guy17I-80 Exit 13I-80 Exit 9
3:16pmtruck 102I-80 Exit 13I-80 Exit 197 oh
5:10pmtruck98I-80 Exit 197 OhI-80 Exit 99
 truck 239I-80 Exit 9980\90 Exit 17 Gary Ind.
10:21pmtruck125I-80 / I-90 Gary IndI-94 Milwaukee Wis
21-Oct-95 11:30amGimppy guy30I-94 Truck stopI-94 Exit 287 Wis
 Antartica Guy60I-94 Exit 28790/I-94 Madison
 Guy in truck w/dog12490\I-94 MadisonI-94 truck stop 116
 Ryder truck guy46I-94 Exit 116I-94 Exit 70: Eau Claire, Minn
 big green car67I-94 Exit 70: Eau Claire, MinnI-94 Exit 3: Hudson, WI
 Navy Kid228I-94 Exit 3: Hudson, WII-94 Exit 38: Rothray, Minn
 Two kids from Fargo 32I-94 Exit 38: Rothray, MINNI-94 Exit 6: Moorhead, Minn
22-Oct-95Walked - -9Moorhead MinnFargo North Dakota
 Two Brothers in VW van90I-94 Exit 348: Fargo, NDI-94 Exit 258: Jamestown, ND
 Stationwagon104I-94 Exit 258: Jamestown, NDI-94 Exit 154: Bismark, ND
 Couple and kid153I-94 Exit 154: Bismark, NDI-94 Exit 1 Beach ND
MidnightTruck couple400I-94 Exit 1: Beach, NDI-90 Exit 306: Bozeman, Mt

The Resolve: Hitchhiking from Pennstate Pennsylvania to Bozeman Montana took 25 rides, 2.75 days and I slept in a truck stop in Milwaukee and a field near Fargo.

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