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Hitchhiking Basics: Hitchhike Intelligently


Hitchhiking Basics - Where to Start

The Overview: Basics of single-day hitchhiking intruduced: what to pack, where to stand, how to get a ride.

Hitchhiking is a fast and cheap way to travel long distances. Sure, the 1200 mile-a-day days afford lots of look-out-the-window time. But first, figure out where you're going, pack some food, and start walking.We've gotta get you a map, get your ass to the highway, put you on the on-ramp and shave your face. So..

Where to Stand

It's illegal in most countries to stand on the highway/motorway. Usually you'll have to stand on the on-ramp. But, on-ramps to a countries main road are often a few miles / km.s outside of whatever town you're starting out from.

If you're leaving a city, or even a town, get to the side of the town which is in the direction you are traveling. If you're in Madison, Wisconsin and you're headed to Homer, Alaska you'll be traveling west. Get to the western side of Madison. All the west bound traffic originating in the city will enter the highway on the western side of the city. Conversely, westbound traffic just east of the city is probably headed only to Madison

If you can take a local bus to somewhere near the entrance ramp to the highway that's ideal. Let the bus driver know where you're going and ask to be let off wherever he thinks is best.

Some liars'll tell you it's easiest to hitch beside a broken down vehicle. It's maybe true, sometimes. They fail to tell you most of the broken down cars you'll see are jalopies which've overheated and are stranded on the side of the interstate and that it's impossible to hitch where cars are passing at 75 mph.

Hitchhiking Maps

Ok, look, a good map'll change marginalize your trip. You won't end up sleeping the roof of a one story bakery in some, while picturesque, out-of-the-way and lacking an on-ramp town in the Swiss Alps in November.

how to get a ride

Smile and act happy and relaxed. Make eye contact. Shave your face. Hold up a sign. Bring a woman along.

Packing Normal - Sample list of items to take with

Packing List You'll find it's worth the weight to pack 8 or 10 squares of toilet paper. Also, two thin hand bag sized plastic bags - from a stop 'n shop or something like it - for keeping the clean and dirty clothes separate.


The Resolve: Get to the far side of town towards the direction you're traveling. Pack a map. Don't pack too much.


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