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Hitchhiking: Where to Stand When You Hitchhike


The Overview: What makes a good Hitchhiking Spot?, and finding a good spot for hitchhiking.

Finding the a suitable spot to hitchhike from is of primary importance. Learning to see a good hitchhiking pitch and then learning to get dropped off at another will continually save several hours in your total traveling time.

A Good Hitchhiking Location has these common features:

  • is on a straight stretch of road ( 700 meters in either direction)
  • cars passing at less than 50 mph / 80km/hr
  • The lighting allows you to make eye contact with passing drivers
  • Most of the cars are headed in your direction
  • there is a visible and easily manageable Pull-Over and Pick-Up area

An Ideal Hitchhike Post:

  • is Similar but the road has an incline. They can see you for a longer time.
  • ONLY exists during daytime
  • May have more than one hitchhiker in sight

I often see people trying to hitchhike where there is no place for the cars to pull over.

A Bad Place to Hitchhike has any other the following:

  • No place for cars to pull over
  • Cars passing at high speed
  • Passing cars not going your direction
  • Poorly Light, drivers can not see your eyes, sign or face

The Resolve: Stand where the cars can see you, read your sign and then easily pull-over and stop.


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