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Travel Packing Tips


The Overview: Everything we pack into our luggage we've gotta lug around with us. Lugging stuff is fucking terrible.

All Countries Sell Whatever You Need.

Sean Gibbons, an Irish trucker, driving me to the Shannon Airport in the drunk rain and in his underpants, told me a terrific story about his 77 year old grandfather, Sean Gibbons's trip to Sydney Austrailia.

The old man had traveled extensively, having served as a medic in the second world war and later as a card shark on a traveling casino cruiser. After retiring from the army and in between voyages, he spent his time lounging around the various poolsides of four star resorts laying intertubes and international women. 'He'd mounted his share after the war.'

He exited his plane in Sydney and was greated by the hotel runner-boy who'd come to collect him and was, by nature, an anxious and stupid fellow.

"My God, Mr.O'Malley," a stupid one alright, "I've been sent by the hotel to collect you, but, I'm sorry to startle you but, all your stuff?" The boy's face was patches of red on white, ugly-dumb and flushed. He appeared a fragment. Old man Gibbons pushed forward with his shoulder, protecting his toiletries bag bounded out of the airport, a hop in his stride. He was a proud fucker.

He held up the weightless bag for display.

Hotel-boy, thinking the man a delusional failure who has forgotten to collect his baggage began to ramble, "My GOD! You're bags - lost Stolen or - I'm sorry Mr.O'Mallody-we'll get this straightened out right away -- You poor dear!"

O'Malley lowered his arm slowly as the boy hurried off to consult airport security, baggage claim, the baggage terminal, to inquire. Mr. O'malley, happily strode outside and hopped into his first Australian taxi. "Haven't you any stores in this country?" he asked the taxi.

"Course we have." The taxi answered.

"Course you do, take me someplace nice - I'll enjoy a walk around the place before nightfall."

The Resolve: Every place you'll go'll have stores. Pack lite, if you need something you haven't packed--take an afternoon in a foreign market shopping for the item. Always underpack; we've gotta spend our days doing something.


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