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Hitchhiking Signs: Hitchhike With Obviousness


Hitchhike Faster: Making a Good Sign

The Overview: What are the ingredients of a good hitchhiking sign: clearly written, the correct destination, a boarder around the perimeter.

You're driving down the road and, as you pass him, you notice a hitchhiker in time to think, "wonder where he's going," before he passes out of sight. B) Hey, there's a guy on the side of the road going to Twin Falls, christ, I'm going to Twin Falls too - I'll take him with. (!)

Hitchhiking signs show people: where you're going, you're literate (i.e. you are able to read and write), you are on a planned trip. I suggest you have a sign every time you hitchhike.

Look at your map and try to guess where the cars, which are passing you, are headed. Ask yourself:

  • Where are they going?
  • Will they know the name of this town?
  • Is it on their way?
  • Is it possible they are headed there, or it it too far?

If you answer, "I don't know," you may have a shitty map or, you fucking idiot you forgot your fucking map no map at all in which case, shame on you and you should read my popular map page again.

Making the Sign

You had your map. Now you have your destination. You're ready to make your sign.

  1. Pack a decent Black or Blue marker and a pad of normal sized notebook paper. (If you have only a ball-point pen, make it look like it was done with a marker)
  2. Consult your map and grab a good destination.
  3. Calculate Letter Spacing. Without pen in hand, practice writing the name of your city a few times on the blank paper and figure out where a few of the letters must go for the sign look balanced.
  4. Make the Sign. First letter big. Nice and Clear.
  5. Add a Boarder around the whole thing. It makes the destination easier for people to see / read.

The Resolve: A readable sign with border and with a correct destination will get you a where you're going.

Afterthought: If you're standing on a busy roadway for a long long time, 2 hours or more, and no people are smiling at you and no one's stopped or pointed - if people aren't noticing you…You're on the wrong road, or the wrong side of the road.

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