Hula-Hoop: Jesse Gersenson

© 1999 Jesse Gersenson

I found the toy gun
daddy gave me for Christmas
needs adult supervision
I’ve lost my barbie doll’s plastic head again
maybe it’s time we do the loopdy-loop again

Hula Hoop
I want to get inside you
Hula Hoop
And dance around
I want to get inside you
You’re so much fun

I remember the first time we did the twist
do you remember the first time we..kissed
you know I only have one wish
and so I bought you a brand-new goldfish


I’m just another picture on your bedroom wall
you keep your goldfish in the toilet bowl
and we sing ding-dong ding-dong
cause summertime boyfriends and goldfish don’t last too long


the record company people down in Guadeloupe
asked me over lunch to join their corporate group
I thanked the group for the vegetable soup and I said
yeah, uh, i've got someone to hula-hoop with


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