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Magic Eight Ball

- Jesse Gersenson
© 1999 Jeffery's Music Ink Ain't, Inc.

Dear Alowessa is it true
I'm gonna fall in love real soon
I've heard the rumors and i don't care
you love some dud in delaware

I remember our first winter's night
we bonded over cocoa and pale moon light
the rickshaw driver he rickshawed us around
you poisoned my cocoa you poisoned me

Magic eight ball, is it true
i'm gonna fall in love real soon
i pray all day and every night
eight ball what's my love life looking like

I wail i scream i always am blue
i'd'ave never been so lonely if it hadn't a been for you
i lament and i saunter I'm as good as dea
can't fathom the optimism I had when I sung

(magic eight ball ...)

So i pitied myself up to Suicide Bridge
half grinned at the emotions i'd bottled up
swung from the railing sobbed a teary-eyed adieu
then went splattering and shattering and inadvertently flattering you

Magic Eight Ball is it true ...

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