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Packing Stupid: Smart Packing Travel Ideas

Overview: An over-view list of no-no's for weekend or month long travel.

A non-comprehensive list of the things I DO NOT bring with me when traveling. See the sister page, packing normal, the things I do take.


Acoustic Guitar Tips

- Mp3

Up Coming Shows

Excess Clothes

  • a second pair of shoes
  • a third pair of pants
  • a 'light jacket'

Other Non-sense

  • bicycle pump
  • bulky rain gear (pack something small, cheap and disposable)
  • radio / walkman

Don't Bring These Things

  • hair brush
  • large package of tooth paste (think: Dentist - sample size tube)
  • make-up
  • jewelry
  • appliances
  • a wallet (use a money clip)
  • a third pen
  • a second map
  • the whole travel guide (consider ripping the section which you need out and taking this only)
  • a third book

* sometimes
** single page printed, small font. copy of the file is in my email account.

The Resolve: Listing all items to be packed helps keep in focus the notion, "Christ, who's gonna carry allthis crap?!" You won't forget anything; Pack man.