I swam around the world twenty five times

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wrote one hundred letters to each of the people in China,
carried one thousand penguins eight thousand miles,
on a unicycle, counted each grain of sand in the Sahara Desert,
gave each one a name and put them into alphabetical order
while I stood on my head,
inside a volcano

I wrestled all of the crocodiles of the world,
all of the nuclear missiles too,
at the same time,
and turned each one into a purse, or a wallet,
or a nice pair of shoes,

was the king of France, and England, and Prussia,
the maitre'd of Manhattan,
the Czar of Russia,
I didn't know what I wanted

there was nothing to do so I put two ropes around each shoulder
and pulled the universe around itself for five hundred years,
climbed the tree
beside your window
and made love to you
and haven't done anything since

I could have been somebody
I could have made a difference
I could have sold all of those wallets
to all the naked kids running around the streets of Managua
Nicaragua for a Nicaraguan Dollar or two,
or more,
if they had more


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