When you asked me I said fine, "I'm fine," I said and I have food poisoning every day, the neighbors
visit at all hours of the night. They ring the door bell and heckle my home,
egg my house when I don't answer.

my dog, Fickle, has been acting strange and now my girlfriend's talking about marriage.
"I'm fine" I said but I'm a paranoid schizophrenic on speed and I rarely say what
I mean. "I'm fine" I say or "I'm ok, how are you?" I might say but I mean yes and no
and my name is and isn't this and that, the neighbors are always over. Believe
me, don't believe me, what time is it now I'm sure they'll be here soon, with a homemade
pie for me and some biscuits for lonely Fickle. It's wonderful being with you,
"I'm ok," you say and I wonder why we speak at all.