Jesse / Writing / Liquid Oxygen

Liquid Oxygen

by>Jesse Gersenson


Carlon leaned back to his right, rested his left arm on the mahogany arm rest of the legendary Shaker chair he'd made senior year in shop class, "Haven't had to so much as glue a single joint on this chair and it's been, what now?, twenty, twenty five years?"

Right leg resting under his left leg and rocking back carelessly on the chairs hind legs,he looked out past me, and then up and at me, "Listen to me Carlon, I just don't think you should, *gulp* hold it so near to, the chair, that's all. That's not just any old drink; that's liquid oxygen- that stuff'll kill you. and besides, it's dangerously flammable."

"so what?"

"So What?! So you'd better not drink that stuff," I said.

He grasped the arm rest and inhaled his cigarette. You're not the boss of me," he chirped,with an arrogant nod of his chin. Lifted the glass,

threw back his head

and fell down

dead on the floor, beside the burning chair

told you so